Saturday, June 9, 2012

Who's Your Muse?

Just as Beatrice was to Dante; Catherine, Audrey, Victoria and Jennifer are to me. A muse is someone who inspires you in life, art; well actually just about everything! I love fashion, make up, jewelry, purses, shoes just as much as the next women; but there are certain women who just fascinate me with their style to the point that I want to emulate them! When I was younger I was all about princess Di, and Scarlet O'Hara;  you know the prim and proper ladies. So I studied them, along with reading any etiquette book I could get my hands on. I wanted to be the quintessential southern belle! Then I kind of stepped out of line with the "proper" ways of being a lady and got my first tattoo, and I thought it's not to bad it's on my back so no one will ever see it. Yet the thing about "ink" is that it is addictive! So then I got my second tattoo on it was on display for all the world to see on my wrist. Well it seemed that I had just shot my chance of ever being "lady like" or the southern belle I had always thought I would be. Then I realized that there are some great women who have tattoos that are well groomed and just as much a "lady" as anyone else! Here are a few of my own muse's for my life!

        I can not say enough about Adele and how she inspires me on so many levels!

     Feisty, sexy, and southern! Miranda has all the right qualities to be my muse, even   tattoos!

Oh so Posh is this lady! She is the woman that I must thank for my really expensive taste in Hermes bags! Victoria has been a muse of mine since she was in the Spice Girls!

There is simple not enough space or time to tell you how much I LOVE AUDREY!!!!!!

Polished, with style and class Catherine has given the young ladies of the world someone great to look up to as a muse! 

Last but certainly not least in my book, Jennifer is one of my all time biggest muses! I love that she embraces her curves and there is just something about her that I gravitate to!


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