Monday, June 18, 2012

Every Woman Should Have A Night Routine...Here's Mine!

As I have gotten older, I have realized you have to take better care of your skin than you did in your younger days. Eye, face, and cuticle creams are all a part of my nightly routines now. I thought by now at my age, I wouldn't have the occasional break out, but oh no! My T-line has became so much more oilier than I can ever remember it being. I have figured out after many year of trying this or that new cream, what works for me. I am not saying these products that I use will work for you, but I am saying that we all need a nightly routine!

About an hour before I go to bed, I start my routine. Now somedays I wear make-up, others I do not. But either way, I always wash my face. If I do wear make-up I begin by washing my face with Cetaphil daily cleanser, then to wash off my eye make-up I use a product called Albolene. It really helps to take off the water proof mascara. After all my make-up has been washed off I then use my Olay Pro X facial cleansing brush along with the Exfoliating Renewal Cleanser, this takes off what was left behind on my face after washing, plus it removes the dead skin an gets deep into my pores.  If I didn't wear make-up that day, I use Este Lauders Perfectly Clean facial wash along with the Pro X brush.
After washing my face I floss my teeth, which is a very important process that many people do not do. The I brush my teeth with Sensodyne Iso Active. I also take my other half of my daily medication at this time, which is allergy and Motrin. (Standing on your feet all day kills my legs!)
     I always use a toner after I wash my face in the morning and at night. The one I use at night is a Glycolic Acid toner. When I first started using Glycolic Acid, my face really broke out, because it was purging my pores. After 2 weeks though my skin was fine. I use the tone on a cotton round, and I go all over my face avoiding my eyes. I also use it on my neck, ears, and neck. 
I then use Olay Regenerist Eye Lifting Serum on my under eyes, this has really helped with the dark circles that I had. It is also suppose to help with firming the skin on this part of your face. 
   I then use either Cliniques Moisture Surge or Olya's Regenerist Serum on the rest of my face and down my neck. A solution that goes beyond moisturisation to reveal smoother, firmer looking skin. Accelerates skin renewal while you sleep, revealing smoother skin when you wake. Improves hydration to help leave skin softer with improved skin barrier function. A ‘power-house’ of ingredients including Olay Regenerist’s signature penta-peptides, glycolic acid, humectants, anti-oxidants and skin soothers and conditioners.
The I lather myself in lotion making sure to put extra on the rough spots. I really like Lubriderms Intense Skin Repair lotion, it doesn't have the best smell or one at all really, but it really helps with my skin. I use Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Foot Cream and cover my feet with socks. I brush my hair out and right before I turn off the lights a use Bert's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, which is by far the best cuticle cream I have ever found!

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  1. Hey, L liked your routine! Thank you for sharing it. I sort of hit a blank wall there for a while. Yep, just gave up everything but Dove, Lubriderm and vasaline! I'm excited to get going and copy you. I hope that you're as pretty as you are generous and inteligent.


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