Monday, June 11, 2012

How To Be The Perfect House Guest!

Since we are all looking forward to vacations that we will be taking soon, I thought I would give some pointers about being the perfect house guest. These "how to's" are not just for staying at friends or families houses, it also includes if your go in on renting a condo or house with friends. 

First, if you are staying at a friends or relatives house you need to be clear on how long you are planning to stay. You do not want "ware out your welcome" as my momma says! Be courteous, you are there at their invitation. Also if you are staying at someones home, bring a really nice hostess gift! Your gift should be something that is useful such as gourmet snack that comes from a local bakery/store in your hometown, a nice wine (if they drink.)  Or you can go another route instead of food chose a nice monogrammed paper weight, or some fancy playing cards!

When you arrive at your destination inquire about house rules, if you are renting there should be a set of rules printed out for you. Make sure to follow these rules exactly, you do not want to hurt feelings, or be charged for damages. You should also be appropriate at all times; this is for language, music, and clothing. For instance if you feel very comfortable walking around in just a towel after getting out of the shower at your house, DON'T DO THAT HERE!! Don't be afraid to help out either! When your renting, help cook, and clean up afterwards. If your staying at someones house offer to help cook, set the table, watch the kids for an hour or two so their parents can have some "free time." Even if your turned down, your host will appreciate the gesture! 

   B.Y.O; do not expect to use your hosts/friends toiletries or other items. If your a picky eater, "offer" to pick up some groceries, but also bring back something that everyone will enjoy such as chocolate! If you realize you have forgotten to pack your toothpaste, mention that you need to go to the local convenience store, to pick up a tube. Your friends or relatives will probably insist that you use theirs, but it shows them that your not a mooch! Also don't finish off the last of something without asking/telling someone, this goes for food and toiletries. 

   Keep your room, and bathroom clean while visiting! Ask your host, or room mates what time they usually get up in the morning and try to wake up about that time also. When you wake up, make up your bed and make sure to keep your room looking neat at all times. This also applies in the bathroom area. Keep all of your toiletries in your bag if your sharing a bathroom, if your not sharing keep your things neat. Wipe off the basin, and for heavens sake if you get toothpaste on the mirror WIPE IT OFF!! On the last day your there triple check your bedroom and bathroom for your belongings. Strip off the sheets on your bed and put them in one of the pillow cases at the foot of the bed. Do a quick wipe down in the bathroom, and make sure all of your dishes are washed, and your trash has been gathered. You want to leave your room/condo/house in the shape it was in (if not better) when you got there. You want to leave and impression, so make it a good one!

   Last but not least, give thanks! Thank your host three times: once when your arrive, when you leaving, and once more after you returned home with a thank you note. Make it a hand written one, it's more personal that way. Throw in some details about your trip that you enjoyed, and offer up your place for them for a later date. If your rented most likely they have asked you to send a text to let them know that your are leaving and that will be suffice. 


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