Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I May Have Had A Change Of Heart With My 50 Shades Characters....

So I have started to re read 50 shades again, I have to say I think I may have cast the wrong celebrities in my mind. I watched This Means War about a week ago, and I started thinking Chris Pine really could be Christian Grey.....I mean really...The copper colored hair, those piercing blue/grey eyes, he has both already. Plus he has this aura of mystery about him. What do you think?

He could seriously take me to his play room anytime he pleased! WOW!!! Then I started thinking about who I had Ana playing in my mind, but then I changed her too! I started looking are natural brown headed women who were young and vulnerable looking. Then this beautiful lady popped into my mind. Camilla Belle.....she is absolutely beautiful! I could just see her and Chris in the elevator, she is biting her lower lip when he says "Fuck the paperwork!" Wow that part is so hot!!!! What do you think of her? Am I crazy? 

  I also read somewhere that Angelina Jolie is wanting to be the director of the film! Talk about it being raw and sexy, she could totally bring all of that to the table! I'm also pretty sure she could give some pointers in the red room!

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