Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's Been One Year, And Their Still Going Strong!

Happy Anniversary, William and Catherine!!

A year ago today, I would have already been awake for 6 hours in anticipation of "The Wedding of 2011!" I was so excited to see what her dress looked like, and watch a royal wedding for the first time in my life! Kate did not disappoint with her Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen dress! She was stunning, the epitome of a princess! I hope that this happy couple has many, many more happy anniversaries in the future and we soon hear the pitter patter of tiny feet along the hallways of Kensington Palace! I will never grow tired of looking at photos of their special day, how could you?

I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Taking Control Of My Life.....Now Rather Than Later...

I just bought this book, and it has had me really start thinking.....CRAP!! I don't have or know any of these things, and I am going to be 31 in a couple of months!!! So I am needing help of taking control of my life RIGHT NOW. I NEED YOUR HELP!!! 

I know we all get down in the dumps and I for one do a lot more than others. It just seems that recently that I just keep getting sideswiped by everyday things and it is getting to me. I am a pretty scatterbrained person when it comes to finances, and this is pretty embarrassing to state. But in order for me to put things right and into perspective I am going to just come out and say it. I am broke as a joke, and I have no plan for anything in my future. I love my job, but I really cant see myself working there in 5 more years. I don't want to live in Wise County for the rest of my life, and I am starting to have problems with my knees because of my weight. So where do I go from here? I am not good with change, but I know it is inevitable. So I am looking a new beginning, I am looking for a good job, that will allow me to pay for everyday things and also my bills Nothing More. I am willing to be a room mate and split half with someone. I am also looking for a financial adviser, I hate asking my parents for help, and even though they don't admit it I have became the weed in their flower bed that will not go away lol. I am looking towards NOVA for a job and residents, so if you know of any place that is hiring or anyone that is looking for a room mate give me a holler! I am even interested in moving to N.C., or S.C. I really hope to hear from some of you!!! Thanks so much! XOXO

Saturday, April 21, 2012

It's The Simple Things That Make Me Smile!

When I got up this morning, fresh faced and read to start writing on my book I pulled up my Facebook page too. I was reading and came across a post from a friend of mine that stated " "So happy to have found Talenti brand gelato at the local grocer.....woot woot!" I got really giddy then! I love Talenti gelato and I have not been able to find it where I live. The first time I had it, I was in Washington D.C and they had it at a local Wegmans. I seriously could live in a Wegmans, but that is another story lol. So I had a couple of things to run out and get today, so I swung by that local grocer, and sure enough there they were! It was if a beam of light was shining from behind them and angels were singing! My favorite is the Double Dark Chocolate, and I of course bought 2 pints! I think the cashier was a little freaked out by how excited I was to have found out that they had this item, but I didn't care. As I was walking out, they had a little stand near the front that had free plastic spoons, and I of course grabbed one! I had waited for so long to taste this amazing flavor in my mouth again, so the moment I ripped the spoon from it's plastic protector I jammed the spoon down in the hard gelato....and it broke :-( So I did what any normal and rational person would do in a moment like this. I just used the broken parts like chopsticks...It's really the simple things in life that make me smile!

 I hope you all have a great weekend!!!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Hot Guys Reading Books, Hot Professors, And Writing A Book!

When I was down at the beach this past week I downloaded a new book on my IPhone Kindle, which really got my wheels turning! Gabriel's Inferno, is right up top on my favorite reads lists along with 50 Shades of Grey! 

As it states in my title today it got me to thinking about professors, and surely there must be some hot ones around. Just  not where I went to college (Uck!) I looked up "hot professors" on google, and up popped all of these pages/photos pertaining to hot professors! has a contest that is called 50 Hottest Professors, and let me tell you some of these men make me want to go back to college, like something bad! I mean take a look!

 I mean good laud! I would have totally done better in college if I had a professor that looked that good. I would have never left class! When I clicked on the bottom photo it directed me to a website called And let me tell you, it was just as good as the other site! There is just something sexy about a man who is not only good looking, but he has a brain! This site is dedicated to photos of men who have be photoed knowingly, and unknowingly while reading books. I wish I could go back into my past and take photos of all the good looking men I have noticed reading books, and add them to this site! Here are a couple of my favorite ones!


Before I get carried away and add ALL OF THE PHOTOS, I will stop! But I'm telling you, all us women need to start contributing to this great website! Get those photos women!! So lastly while reading all of these books lately I decided that I wanted to write a book myself.  I have a story already in the making swirling around in my brain, so I have been writing whenever and wherever I get the chance! I am excited to see what it becomes! Oh and to give you all some even better news. I got my results back on my lump that I found, everything is GREAT, no need to worry!!! Thanks for all they love and support each and everyone of you showed to me during this scary time in my life! I love you all so much! XOXO

Oh Yeah I forgot To Tell All Of You......

I forgot to mention this in my last post

Yeah I caught that!!!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Mr & Mrs. Michael Sarhan

Ladies and Gentlemen, may I have the pleasure of introducing Mr. & Mrs. Michael Sarhan! 

On April 14, 2012 my oldest sister Talitha, married Mr. Michael Sarhan. They are so great together, just being around them makes me long to have what they have. They decided to go a different route than the traditional church wedding, and went for a ocean front ceremony in Folly Beach, SC. We arrived Thursday evening in Folly, where we rented a condo. The condo was beyond anything I had ever imagined! Three stories, three bedrooms, three bathrooms, hardwood floors, granite counter tops. The view from the two decks were breathtaking! 

I awoke every morning, to the sound of seagulls and the near by ocean smell, and not a care in the world. Folly is a small community where everyone says hello, and they have some really great food! We ate at a couple of different local places, The Crab Shack, The Black Magic, and The Brick House. I was in heaven with all of the fresh sea food that was available, YUM! I met Michale's parents and friends he grew up with , I am happy to say I now have more great friends in this great life! The day before the wedding Talitha and Michael surprised both of their parents by getting them gift certificates to eat at one of the highly recommended restaurants in Charleston, McCrady's. The owner and operator of McCrady's is Sean Brock a local Pound, VA good ol' boy! They said the food was incredible, and could not wait to go back! Sean came out and shook hands with them and said that he was so happy to have people from his hometown in his restaurant! 

 The younger crowd went to a local Plantation, turned restaurant called The Brick House. That is where we all got to talk and get to know each other a little better! I sat with Michael's friends Elizabeth and her fiance Marcos. I also sat with Matt Jones, who is a friend of Talitha's from there in North Charleston. I was nervous meeting everyone at first but after talking I felt right at home around everyone! We had a little surprise for Talitha though!! Our younger sister Talena didn't think she was going to be able to get leave to come to the wedding, but on Thursday afternoon she called and said that her leave had been approved! She would be arriving in Charleston at 11 pm Friday night, and didn't want us to tell Talitha! When Talena arrived at the condo she snuck upstairs and scared Talitha, so much that she dropped the F-bomb in front of mom and dad!!! Talitha and Michael were so happy that she was able to attend, and so was I! The day of the wedding I woke up and was worried Talitha would be stressing out, but nope not her! She was cool, calm and collected! Her friends that work at the spa with her came down to do her hair, and make up. Amber did and AMAZING job! Talitha looked so beautiful, it made me cry when I saw her when I got to her room at the hotel. 

The people who took care of the flowers for her, also did a really great job! They looked like something out of a magazine!  The ceremony was short and sweet, and afterwards we took some photos, then headed to the reception. Michael's parents hosted the reception and they did a really great job! Everything was perfect! Keeping up with the non-traditional Talitha decided she wanted cupcakes instead of one big cake. I loved this idea! The chocolate ones, were OUT OF THIS WORLD GOOD!!!

My father gave a really sweet speech, which made almost all of us cry happy tears, then right before he sat down he said "Hold on....., one more thing Michael." I knew what was coming and could not wait to see Michael's expression! A year earlier Michael had told my father (as a joke of course) that he expected a dowry of 41 sheep for Talitha. So mom bought a stuffed sheep and this what dad handed to Michael saying, "You asked for 41 sheep. Here is the first installment. You will receive 1 sheep a year from now on!" Priceless!

After the reception Talitha had planned to do a "trash the dress" photo shoot with Michael, and only a select few of us knew about it. Here are some of the photos that were taken. 

So here's to Michael and Talitha, may you lives be blessed with all that God has to offer you! I love you both so much! Welcome to the family Michael!!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

My New Nightstand

If you are like me I love to have things nice and neat, but I also want to have things close to me when I need them. This is especially true when it comes to my bedroom. I hate when I wake up in the middle of the night and want a glass of water, or I want to rub on a little lotion before I go to bed. Of course you have to get out of bed to do these things, but not when you have a cute little bedside table/nightstand. So I told you I recently purchased a bedside decanter at Crate and Barrel, and that put into motion the coming together of my nightstand. I found an old silver platter that was my grand-mothers to use, then added a few of my favorite things along with some necessities. I love warm smells, and I am addicted to this scent from Pier 1 Imports called Ginger Peach so I bought the reed diffuser. 

I also ran by Ulta while I was in K-Town and grab up some of my favorite smelling hand lotion. It is by bodycology, and it is the Vanilla Cupcake scent. 
I also bought some cute little notepads to keep beside my bed. I can go to bed, and almost be asleep and shoot out of bed because there is something that I needed to do the that day, and forgot to. So now I can write it down so I won't forget! I grabbed up this cute monogrammed notepad at Barnes and Noble!

 I added a few extra little things like a clock I bought at Target, some Burt's Bees lemon cuticle cream, chap stick, and of course some books! So when it all came together this is what it looked like! It may not be spectacular, but I love it!!


Monday, April 2, 2012

Amazing Finds, and White Liars.....

I told all of you about reading 50 shades of grey this past week, well I was needing my "grey" fix something bad this weekend! I called all the local bookstores and NO ONE HAD THE BOOKS! I was even told they would not be out until April 17th. Well I just couldn't wait that long, and thank God I didn't! I just happened to be on trying to decide if I wanted to order the book, when I noticed in the right upper corner it said buy and read it now on your PC for just $9.99! Well I jumped at that fast, I even noticed that it said I could have it sent to my IPhone for free! Even better!! So I guess you know what I did this weekend, that's right I read the second book of the trilogy. I just bought the 3rd and last book last night, and I am loving the trilogy! I really can not wait for the books to become movies, I just wander if they are going to be able to keep to the book. It is really racy, it would at least have to be a NC-17 rating to be honest with you. Ana has really been getting on my nerves in the book, she acts so childish about everything! I want to scream GROW UP at the book sometimes. It's crazy how she will nit pick, and over analyze everything that Christian does or says. I have seen so many ladies that treat their men the same way, and I sit back and wander "why do they put up with that?" I just don't understand it all. Not to go off on a tangent or anything but I had a man add me on Facebook yesterday. He said that he found me attractive, and that he would like to talk. I started talking to him, and after an hour or so he tells me that he is married, but he is unhappy. WTF!?!? Really? Why is it that all these men that are either married/or in a committed relationship with a woman that he is not happy with, still stays with them? Do you want to live your whole life and be miserable? Not me! Ugh I am just so tired of being lied to and hurt. I don't know who I can trust anymore when they tell me they are single, and you know what THAT IS JUST REALLY SAD!!! So with that being said I just want to go to bed and not think about anything for the rest of the night. I hate LIARS!!!!