Friday, June 29, 2012

What A Womans House Says About Her

Have you ever wandered what your room/home says about you and your personality?  

Books: Books tell you a lot about a person. First of all, the fact that she has books is a sign that she's quite smart, many people these days do not read at all. Now ask yourself, are these serious work related books suggesting she's career driven, Harry Potter, she has a childish side that believes in magic still, factual and scientific or historical she may have a nerd streak, religious, telling you what her beliefs are, Austen she has a sense of romance and isn't ashamed of it, poetry, she's artistic and in touch with her emotions, action she might be a Tom Boy or something else.  At the same time you can learn something from her reading level.

Products: Women tend to use a wide range of products. Check to see what specific products she has too. This can help you out if you want to buy her some perfume or candles etc. 

Music: If eyes are the windows to the soul, then music may well be the door and finding someone with the same music taste as you is often a very good sign (though of course not crucial). Now if you are like me I love every type of music; modern pop, club music, mellow, and even opera. This means I am open to new things in life. 

Shoes: Women love shoes, so a huge collection of shoes is not unusual. Look to see if the shoes have lots of heels which makes us feel sexy, or are there mostly flats. Which mean she is practical and likely sensible, but also has style.

Tidiness: Women are as a rule tidier than men, but this isn't always the case. A messy room suggests someone who is either very laid back or very busy, or both. A tidy room, may mean that she is particular about how her life is ran, which can be a good and bad thing all at the same time.

Photographs: If a woman has a lot of photos of friends and family up then you again know that she's very sentimental. If she has lots of photos of herself then this might mean that she is quite vein, or it might just mean she likes herself. Pay attention also to what she's doing in the photos, does she seem to go out a lot? Go on lots of vacations? Does she have lots of male friends? If the latter is true then this might suggest an outgoing tom-boy-like personality but may be threatening for you as well. Does one person appear a lot in all the photos? Who is this?

Color scheme and decor: If the room is pink then you're looking at someone very feminine and perhaps a little young at heart. If the room is a more visually assaulting purple then she might still be quite young but perhaps a little 'cooler' in the traditional sense. More subtle colors are more mature and tell you less about her personality.

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