Sunday, May 20, 2012

What Does Your Lipstick Shape Say About Your Personality?

What does your lipstick shape say about your personality? I recently had someone comment on the shape of my lipstick. They said "That's an odd shape. I wander what that means?" I looked at them like their head was spinning. I asked them what they meant by that, and they told me that apparently each shape has different meaning about our personalities. So I did what any logical person would do and I Googled it! By golly they were right! I was amazed how spot on my personality matched the shape of my lipstick. I started to wander then, has anyone else ever thought the shape of their lipstick was odd shaped, and if they ever wandered if it meant something? So ladies does the shape of you lipstick match your personality? Here's my shape!

 *I am the Sharp-Angle But Curved Tip Shape*

I'm sure that everyone that knows me, would agree with this description of my lipstick shape and personality. What is your shape/personality?

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Do You Remember Mixed Tapes? Same Concept, Better Technology!

I am really going to "date" myself with this post, but I just had to do it!. Do you remember making all those mixed tapes for yourself, friends, boy/girl friends? If I only kept some of those, I would LOVE to have them back! Now though I am sort of doing the same thing, just with better technology (no fast forward and rewind!) ITunes, or one of my faves and writable cd's make this "old" process able to happen all over again! I love to make mixed cd's, because you never know if the whole cd that you buy is going to be good and you just really like that one song. I usually do a new "mixed" cd almost every 2 months, so needless to say I HAVE A LOT A CD"S!! Here are a few songs I am adding to my mixed cd tonight. 

1. Payphone  Maroon 5
2. We Are Young  Fun    
3.Somebody I Used To Know  Gotye 
4.Part of Me Katy Perry  
5. Dance Again JLo
6. Lights  Ellie Goulding
7. Call Me Maybe Carly Rae Jepsen
8. Outta My Head  Daughtry 
9. Glad You Came The Wanted  
10. Eyes Open Taylor Swift 

What are some sons that you are going to put on a mixed cd to jam to in the car this spring/summer with the windows down? I love music, so I would love to be introduced to some new singers! 


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

What's In Your Bag?

I normally don't jump on "bandwagons" but I had to on this subject! I love purses, way to much to be honest with you (ask my family..) So any chance to show one of mine off, I will do it in a heart beat! So here is one of my favorite bags I carried today, along with what was in it! 

 Here you can see everything.

Change purse is Vera Bradley, new IPhone cover (love it, saw it on Pinterest and had to have it!) Clinique facial powder, 2 Clinique lipsticks (Creamy Nude and Adore U,) BareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss in Show off.

Here you see my cough drops (I'm sick :-( ) Orbit gum, check book, umbrella, and my organizer. I love my organizer since I'm OCD, plus it has a picture of the Eiffle Tower on it, even better!

                     Here is my Louis Speedy 40 and Boetie Wallet, along with my keys with my Brighton key chain!                

Monday, May 7, 2012

Just As Soon As I Get What I Want I, I Get Unsatisfied. I Have A Void To Fill.

I was running through some of my old cd's the other day when I was out running around and I came across Sara Evans "Born to fly" and I popped it in. It is amazing how a song can fit you life isn't it? I started listening to "I keep looking," and it reminded me of myself so much it was crazy. For instance I purchased 2 cell phone covers recently and in anticipation of them arriving I would track the package at least 3 times a day. When they finally arrived and I opened them, well it was like the "new" had already wore off. I just kind of looked at them like "hum, those are cute," and tossed in the pile of all my other phone cases. WHY DO I KEEP DOING THIS CRAP!?!? I mean seriously I do this all the time, I have a great life, great job, great friends and family, but I have this void in my life that is never able to be filled with anything that I think I need/want. Do you ever do the same thing or am I the only one who is this "odd?" 

I am doing a lot a soul searching recently and this just happens to be one of my big issues, along with others that I am working on. Do you have any advice?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Old Movies In The Park!!!

I just found out that one of my dreams are coming true! They are going to be showing new/old movies in a local park starting on May 29th!! You just don't understand how happy I am right now!! I love that part in the movie The Wedding Planner, where JLo and Matt's characters go to that park and watch old movies, then end up dancing at the end of it! Yes, as simple as it may seem, it really makes me excited. I know they are going to be showing the Wizard of Oz, which was one of my favorite movies growing up! Get your lawn chairs, blankets, and popcorn ready folks!