Monday, February 27, 2012

My 2 New Books....Don't Judge Me, Ok?

Saturday turned out to be a really great day for me. I went shopping, and I bought a couple of cute shrugs, some bracelets, and of course I had to stop by the book store. I have been down the past week, over G of course. So I have been wandering what I am doing wrong in relationships. I am almost 31 and I still have no prospects of a man, and I hate when people say "Oh it will happen, just give it time. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah..." Ugh, they are the ones who have someone, so of course they have to say something like that to me. Right? When I walked into B.A.M. I headed straight to the Self Help isle, and let me tell you there was every kind of book you could imagine there, (well it is a book store, but bare with me.) Then I saw them, they were right beside each other. Think Like A Lady. Act Like A Man, and Why Men Love Bitches! These titles were exactly what I had be thinking and wandering about for a long time, and by golly there they were! HALLELUJAH!!! So I of course snatched them right up and headed to the register. My biological clock is ticking away here ya'll, I gotta do something. 

I started with Why Men Love Bitches, (it has a catchy name eh?) Right off the bat, it seemed as if this woman had followed me around with every guy I have ever went out with. Seriously I was so badly wanting to text G right before I walked into B.A.M., and of course she said not too! She said make him want you, don't always be at his beck and call. Well I for one am always at my mans beck and call, and I always end up hurt. Sherry (the author) said that men don't like to be chased as much as we think they do, to stay at an arms length distance to him. I hate when friends I have seem to forget about me when a man comes into their lives. I'm always saying "I'll never do that!" Then of course I do..I have even had a guy I was with one time tell me he liked dark headed women, and wouldn't you know it I colored mine dark brown. I am always trying to hard to MAKE someone love me. And that my dears it where the problem lays. I have to love me, first and foremost before anyone can ever love me. So all in all I think I made a pretty good selection of books, I am learning a few things. Things that I should have always known and done, but I didn't. I will keep you all updated in my Pursuit of Happiness lol. Take care lovelies!!

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