Thursday, February 9, 2012

Sweet Tea Paperie, One Of My New Favorites, They Should Be Yours Too!

Sweet Tea Paperie has quickly became one of my favorite stationery and accessories online store. I came across Amanda's store on Twitter @sweetteapaperie, which lead me to her on-line stone  There were so many things that I wanted, I didn't even know where to being. So I took a deep breath and went for the IPhone cases, and key chains. I had been looking for the perfect IPhone case FOREVER it seemed like, and I had bought countless ones that I never really liked to be honest. I would buy one, love it for the first few days, then tire of it and want something new. So when I saw the Monogrammed covers, I was SOLD,  you all know how much I love anything monogrammed! You can have just about everything monogrammed that you order from Amanda. She has great customer service, any questions you send her she is prompt to respond. Even the delivery was fast, which I love because I am an impatient person. (bad, I know..) I bought the Black & Red Moroccan iPhone Case, and the Bubblegum Pink & Kelly Green Square Key Chain. Both of which I LOVE! I will take a photo soon to post, but here is what the samples look like on-line.

Are they not just the most darling things ever! Now don't think they just have cell phone cover and key chains, no way like I said previously there was a lot of different items that you can buy. For instance calenders, stationery, labels, cutting boards, jewelry, totes and bags, etc. These items are very well made also, not flimsy at all. I am known to drop my cell phone from time to time, and I did so the other day with my case on, not even a scratch was to be found! Yeah baby! These would be great for all kinds of occasions, I am seriously considering buying my Birthday/Christmas presents from here, so should you! Stop by Amanda's store, and tell her I sent you! xoxo  

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  1. Hi Twana! So glad you're enjoying your iPhone case & key chain. Thank you for your sweet blog post.

    Happy Friday!


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