Monday, March 5, 2012

I Hate My Skin!!!

I, like many people have a skin condition called Keratosis Pilaris, aka "chicken skin." It has gotten worse lately, and I am desperate for a remedy. My sisters wedding is coming up, and I have a strapless dress that I am wearing and I want my arms to look clear. One really bad thing about having this condition is, I am a "picker." I am always picking at my skin, and it is so hard not to when I see one of the inflamed areas. I have gone to see a dermatologist, and she prescribed a steroid cream, but it hasn't worked for me. I have read almost every article that has ever been written about K.P. and I know there is no cure for it, just ways to manage the inflammation. It is usually worse in winter, which it has been this year for me. My mom said I was going to have to wear long sleeves to keep myself from picking at my arms until the wedding lol. I do not tan, but I have read that the tanning bed is good for it...Ugh I am ready to pull my hair out!! I have even had my arms waxed to see if that would slow the progress. You see with K.P. your body creates more keratin than usual and it forms hard plugs within hair follicles, so I thought if I waxed my arm hair then it wouldn't have a chance to form a plug...but I was wrong. So have any you had K.P problems? If so what did you do to manage it? Like I said I am desperate right now, my arms look horrible. HELP!!


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  1. Hey Twana!
    I just took Levi to a dermatologist because he had all these red little bumps that developed on his cheeks and arms starting back in December. She diagnosed him with Keratosis Pilaris. She said, unfortunately it's genetic and there is no cure. She did give me a list of treatments but none of them will make it go away entirely. Levi is too young to try them at this point but the list is: LacHydrin-12%Ammonium lactate She said that was Rx and OTC, Salex Lotion or Cream, Urea 20%-40% cream, Retin-A 0.025%, and topic steroids will remove the redness like cortisone.

    She said KP was a type of dry skin condition as well and that it would improve with moisturizers applies very frequently. She said eczema creams are better than lotions. I hope that helps you, dear! You will look fabulous at your sister's wedding! :)


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