Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Do You Like Sparkles, and Ink?

Don't think that you can not be a classy woman just because you have ink.  I have "ink," but I am a total girly girl! My tattoos, (yes plural I have two) mean a great deal to me. Some people think that tattoos are trashy, but I personally believe they make me even more unique. I love everything about ME, and having some art on my body just adds to this beautiful canvas. I got my first tattoo when I was 18, I was in a really low place in my life at that time. It was 2 weeks before I graduated from HS that my father found out he had cancer. Needless to say I was mad at the whole world! I have always been a really goody, goody, so I thought to mark this time in my life I rebelled.  I looked for a long time before I decided on the design. 

So I decided on this one. To me it represented Eternal Life, the sun gives life and the ankh in the middle represents eternity. It meant that after this life there will be a new one that God has given to the forgiven. The photo at the top is my most recent one. I got it last year before I turned 30. It represents my sisters and I. The symbol in the center which is called "Om" symbolizes the manifestation of God in form.  So do you have any ink? What do they mean to you? Do you love or regret them?

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