Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Make A Wish!!!!

Happy Birthday Matchbook Magazine!!!

"Launched in January 2011, Matchbook is an online lifestyle publication celebrating classics - shaken and stirred." (Via   I first heard of  Matchbook through BeB's blog, and it has became one of my favorite online magazines! This magazine has a little of everything, from articles on clothing, electronics, apps, even what to stock your bar cart with! I love the passion and creativity that each person on their team brings to the table. For instance they did an article in this months issue about Jane Austen, and 50 classic books that every "matchbook girl" should read. 

You all need to head over to RIGHT NOW, and see what you have been missing out on! You will not be let down, I PROMISE! Oh I was about to leave out one of the best parts. At the end of every magazine they have an illustration that is entitled "What's in their purse." They have these darling illustrations of movie sirens, for example their first one was Breakfast at Tiffany's,  Audrey Hepburns character Holly. But each month they do someone new, too cute! Here are a few to give you an example.

I hope that Matchbook has many more birthdays!! Don't you, have a blessed day!

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