Friday, February 10, 2012

Cuptakes App for IPhone

Since I got my IPhone in Nov. of '11, I was always looking for cute backgrounds for my phone. I'm not a fan of the wallpapers that automatically come with your phone, uck! So I came across this little app that has since saved my home screen from something like this..

I suppose this is okay, if your into those sort of things...Not me though! I want something that has pops of color and is girly, just like me! Cuptakes is not a free app though, it cost .99 cents I believe, but it is WELL WORTH IT! Each month you get updates of new wallpapers they have designed. The app is not just for the IPhone, but also the IPod Touch and the IPad.  Cuptakes aslo has IPhone cases that mach the wallpapers that you can buy. So now the only problem you should have is choosing which lovely background and case you want! Here is a snippet of some of the choices you have! Enjoy!!  



  1. make it in the appsotore for free

  2. dont get me wrong i love this app its my fav app


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