Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Jewels By Park Lane

I was introduced to this great company about a month ago from a colleague of mine, and I have fallen in love! I love anything that sparkles, so when I turned the first page I knew I had found my candy store! I have been looking for a long time for the perfect pair of crystal hoops in silver and gold tone. So of course I just about squealed with delight when I saw them, then I looked at the price..$89.00 each!!! I just about choked, but then my lovely colleague informed me that there is something they call a "bonus item" sale. I was all ears! She stated that with a a minimum purchase of $30, I could select one item to equal the $30, for just $12!!! The "bonus sale" increase $30 each time, so if you buy $60 you get two bonus items for $12 each, and when you purchase $90 you get 3 items for $12 each! I was sold right there! I ended up finding so much more that I wanted, so in total I spent $172 and I got an amazing bracelet that was $121, for free!! So when I saw the hostess gifts I decided I wanted to do a party. So as my gift, I received this beautiful ring!

I love big statement jewelery, can you tell? Park Lane is the company that supplies Dancing With The Stars jewels, even Jennifer Lopez was spotted wearing a pair of earrings from the 2011 collection on American Idol last year. I wanted to sell this jewelery, but my area has taken and hard hit economically recently so it isn't the best time for me to try. Take a look at the Park Lane 2012 catalog for yourself, who knows you may find a bunch of nice pieces you want! Here is a look at the items I purchased!



I can not wait until I receive my new catalog, I have already picked out 5 things that I am wanting to get. I am getting them to wear with my dress for my sisters wedding that is coming up. Hope you all find something that puts a twinkle in your eye! Oh and by the way guess what I got today...

It surprised me too! Happy Valentines day!

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