Thursday, March 15, 2012

Oh The Joys Of PCOS

As a woman with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, aka: PCOS I am constantly having to pluck, wax, or shave one part of my body ALL THE TIME! It's frustrating, and costly at that. I wear pants all the time (don't really care for my legs..) so no one really knows that I don't shave everyday. (well they do now..) During the winter I can go a tad longer without shaving (don't judge..) Now if I had a "significant other" I would shave all the time, but I don't, so I won't! I seriously could have stock in razors! It's not just body hair though, facial hair is another thing you have to worry about. Now I have seen some women who have mustaches, sideburns, the whole shebang! But that is not for this girl, NO WAY!! Ask my sister, I plucked at my eyebrows so much before she told me that they looked anorexic. I had to go buy Latisse to help them grow back (even thought it's not for eyebrows, it helped!) Oh and lets not forget the "old women chin hairs" that I get those too! Oh my gosh, I freak out sometimes and think "What if tonight I break down on the side of the road and my prince charming comes along to rescue me. And we just know that we are meant for each other, and he touches my face to draw me in for a kiss and he feels.....the hairs on my chiny chin chin!?! OMG!!!! So don't laugh if you see me touching my chin and I have a pair of tweezers in my hands, okay? I'm just being proactive, you never know. You know? Now some of you may not know what PCOS is, so let met fill you in a little. PCOS is a random condition that can cause a myriad of issues from acne to infertility… oh yeah it also causes weight gain and makes it very difficult to lose weight. Another symptom of PCOS is insulin resistance, which means your body is toying with the idea of being diabetic. Oh yay....I love bread too by the way! So your probably wandering what I can do about this, right. Well there is no cure for this disorder just some ways to treat the symptoms. Such as, exercise, not smoking, a healthy diet, weight control, and medicine. But since it is hard to lose weight, and if your like me and you get sick from the medicine there's really not that much you can do. Do you or someone you know have PCOS? 


  1. I feel ya! I have PCOS as well. I don't think mine is currently as bad as it can/is probably going to get yet. My husband and I had difficulty conceiving but luckily some fertility treatments worked to get us Levi and the new little bean that's still baking. It's definitely not a fun thing to have and the thoughts of diabetes terrifies me. I think it's extremely common here in our area, though. ALL of my female cousins on my dad's side have it as well as a handful of my friends. Not fun!

  2. Don't know if you knew this or not, but I have PCOS as well. I dont have all the shaving issues, just the occasional neck hair i have to pluck. But the infertility and cysts do bite. I am here if you need an ear.
    Jessica (Watkins) Shaner


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