Wednesday, August 31, 2011

That Thing You Do..

I have been thinking a lot about love lately, and the sweet things men do to make my belly flutter. No I have not found Mr. Right yet, but still I love to think about what my future Mr. Right will be like (or wish he would be like.) You know the simple little things they do, that mean so much to you. For example when they kiss your forehead, ahh I love that! Those types of simple yet sweet things. I know this will never be told to me in my life, but there are 2 movie line in 2 different movies that I would LOVE to me told but my Mr. Right. The first one is from the movies Pride and Prejudice, and it is the final scene when Mr. Darcy says that she has Bewitched him body and soul and that he loves her...ahhhhhh! Here you have to see it!
The second is from the movie Chasing Liberty when Ben tells Anna that being around her he becomes so unbloody hinged being near her! Ah lord I would love to hear that being said to me!!! Watch!!!

Does your man do something that is so simple but yet it is so sweet? Here are some pictures of the other things I think are sweet that I would love a man to do!

                                                               Kiss my forehead
                                                                      Kiss my eyelids
                                                                      Play with my hair
                                                                        Hold hands
Ahh I guess I will have to wait for these things to happen to me....

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  1. So sweet... my bf kisses my forehead and holds my hand. It's the little things that means so much.


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