Monday, August 29, 2011

Some of My Favorite Churches

When my family and I would travel to NOVA we would go through Keswick and Orange County. No matter what time of day my mom would always wake me up so I could look at "my church." Now this church is just amazing to look at. I have never been in it, but I would love to. I have noticed that is the one thing I look for when I am on trips to new places, is churches. I love the really small quaint ones, but I also love the opulent one too. So here is a few pictures of some churches I love!
Grace Episcopal Keswick, VA

Virginia City, Virginia

                                                               Southfork Pound, Virginia
                                                          Church Circle Kingsport, TN
                                                    Episcopal Church Abingdon, VA

I hope you all have a great day!!

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