Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Hair Feathers!

I am not usually a jump on the bandwagon type of person when I see a new trend, but this one I had to try out! I have seen quite a few celebrities with the feather extensions, and I started to see them around my area and thought they were really cute! I didn't know how they would look in my hair, because it is short (but I am growing it out.)  So 2 weekends ago I took the plunge/pluck (haha) and had them put in!

I had the black and white, pink and black, and yellow and black ones put in. They are really easy to take care of too! Shampoo, condition, blow dry, curl, straighten you can do it all to them!

Here is one of my favorite actresses with her hair feathers! See they add that little extra something to your hair, and I love it! What do you all think? Would you, or have you took the "pluck" and gotten feathers?

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