Monday, August 22, 2011

Loving Miranda Lambert!

I finally bought Miranda's 3rd album Revolution, and it is awesome! I love her style, sassiness, and confidence. She seems like the girl next door who you could go shopping with, and also come home a drink a couple of beers with. My friend Morgan and I can not wait for the release of Miranda's new group Pistol Annies cd. It comes out TOMORROW!! I am uber excited, as if you couldn't tell right!

I was so happy when she finally got married to Blake Shelton, they make such a cute pair! They compliment each other, and I hope to find that someday! Just like Miranda said she had to be patient and wait for her man, and therefore so must I.
I know a lot of you do not listen to country music, but not every country song is about losing your wife, your car and your dog. Miranda's song can pump you up like the song "Gunpowder and Lead", or they can even make you cry like "The House That Built Me." She is a little rock and a little country all rolled into one! I'm really happy that she has finally been given the recognition that she deserves by the Country Music Industry, for so long it seemed to me that she was being looked over. She racked up at the CMA awards this past November, I really hope she does the same this year!

So how has everyone's week started? Mine, ah it was ok I have had better. I hope this is not a sign of how the rest of the week will be, I'm not sure I could make it..

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