Friday, July 6, 2012

What Your Walk Says About You

It's not only supermodels who k now that perfecting their walk and posture can make or break their reputations. While a catwalk strut might not be the stride we're striving for, it's a good example of how the way you hold yourself can illustrate the kind of image you wish to present. It's so much more than just putting one foot in front of the other. A confident pace, a brazen strut, a stiff march, a casual stroll, a heavy plod, and awkward shuffle-they all paint a picture of the kind of person you are before you've even uttered a word. And it doesn't stop there. There's no point developing a superior stride if the moment you come to a standstill and you drop into a slouch. Elegant poise gives and instant ladylike impression. Just look at the way ballerinas carry themselves.

 Have you ever seen a dancer who appears anything other than the epitome of sophistication? Their apparent ease and naturally graceful posture give them a dignified appearance. But with a little effort, it is easy to emulate this chic stance and to have everyone in the room commenting on your presence and poise. Great posture and poise have so many benefits-from helping your clothes to hang better and making you appear both taller and slimmer to illustrating your self-assurance, elegance, and grace. And the right walk and ability to sit correctly can not only help you land the job you want, but will also make you feel comfortable and confident at the most elegant of soirees. So step to it!

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