Friday, July 6, 2012

What Lies Beneath

The most beautiful dress can be ruined by one thing: lumpy, bumpy underwear. Bras that bulge and visible panty lines are two things every lady should learn how to combat. Start by seperating your lingerie into two categories: the pieces that should be seen in public and the pieces that shouldn't. Contrary to the past, it is no longer considered bad etiquette to show off some of your lingerie. A vintage silk camisole looks beautiful worn with a cashmere cardigan and pencil skirt, and bra straps that are adored with lace and chiffon are made to be seen. Choose soft shades, though-scarlet or hot pink scream "harlot" so stick to hues of blush, oyster and pale gray instead. As for never-to-be-seen-in-public lingerie, opt for  peach or flesh colored shade, which will be invisible under the sheerest top, and choose seamless pieces that are unadorned. While g-string briefs are not as glamorous as frilly underpants, they are a much more sensible choice under slim-fit pants. Similarly, a T-shirt bra, with not lace or trimmings, might be dull to look at, but don't underestimate its powers; it will create a smooth line when worn under a blouse or tee. 

Many women don't wear the correct size bra. Just look around and you'll notice breast escaping over the top of too-small cups, too-tight straps squeezing back flesh, or sloppy breast barely held in by a saggy, too-large bra. It really is worth the bother to get yourself properly measured in a lingerie store. Brands and styles can fit differently, so try a few on before making a decision. Bras should never dig into your shoulders (loosen the straps,) squeeze your ribs, or create unsightly bulges in you back (go up a size around the back.) Larger busts need more support, so stick to underwire bras with at least two hook closures and the thicker shoulder straps. Big cup sizes don't necessarily mean ugly bras. Look for distinguished brands that make glamorous bras in larger sizes. Invest in a few of these and they will make a big difference to your shape and the way your clothing hangs. But if you have a small bust and don't require so much support, experiment with wireless bras, bandeau tops, and details such as bows, ruffles, and embroidery. 

The Undergarments Every Woman Should Own
  1. Black strapless bra.
  2. Flesh-colored T-shirt bra.
  3. Balcony-cut bra.
  4. Multiway bra.
  5. Sports bra.
  6. Pretty Camisole with matching underpants.
  7. Boyshorts.
  8. Flesh-colored G-string.
  9. Cotton briefs.
  10. Black slip.
  11. Blush slip.  

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