Friday, July 13, 2012

Annoying Behaviors To Teach Young Adults Not To Partake In

Some EVERYDAY BEHAVIORS AND HABITS are annoying and unattractive; some are dangerous to young people and others. Be on the lookout for any of the following:

Gum Chewing. This habit ought to be confined to private times of the company of close friends--not during class, at work, or in worship services, and not when in conversation. Young people must understand that watching someone chew gum is, as older generations say, "like watching a cow chew its cud." Be discreet (mouth closed, no smacking or popping). Wrap used gum and dispose of it in a waste container. Never drop chewed gum or wrappers on the ground.

Playing loud music. In any setting where people may be disturbed, playing loud music is really intolerable. Music should never be so loud that it rattles others' nerves. If your child can't live without music, equip him with a portable player and earphones. Set firm rules about the use of booming car stereos. 

Whispering, telling secrets, and giggling behind hands. These discourtesies usually peak in the middle school years. When you see it going on, tell the youngsters to stop. Make it clear that the behavior is extremely rude and immature and can be cruel to anyone left out of the whispering. 

Spitting. When older children and teens spit, they're probably showing off or imitating popular sports stars. Spitting is disgusting and unsanitary. Stop the behavior when you see it, and be firm that, far from being "cool," spitting is childish and uncouth. (For your child's health, be alert for any sign of the highly dangerous habit of tobacco chewing.)

Smoking. Cigarette smoking attracts teens and some younger children. Many experiment, and a disturbing number will take up the habit. No one should encourage underage smoking, but teens who smoke must follow the rules: Do not smoke in anyone else's home or car (even if the owner smokes) or in designated nonsmoking areas; be sure cigarettes are extinguished and dispose of ashed and butts neatly (not on the ground or out the car window); never offer cigarettes to anyone who is underage. Finally, always ask permission before lighting up and don't argue if anyone says "no."     

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  1. Gum is one of the top three things I hate! (The other two are bandaids and wet paper.) People are so irresponsible with it! There is nothing worse than walking into a store and asking an associate a question only to be answered by little flecks of spittle and that smack-smack sound that completely drowns out the real answer! I am so glad to find someone who agrees with me on this!


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