Friday, July 27, 2012

How To Hang Pictures

First: Decide what your consistent statement will be: frames or pictures. If you are mixing up different styles of frames, choose pictures with a consistent visual thread. Same photographer. Or all black and white. Or all color. Or, choose the same style of frame and mix up the content. 
 Second: Pick your spot. For a jaw-droppingly chic conversation starter, take one area and make it a floor-to-ceiling, wall-to-wall pictures. Not up to creating a bonanza of imagery? Fine. A careful arrangement of pictures will do quite nicely. 
 So, Next: Prepare you jigsaw-puzzle pieces. What? You thought I was going to send you waving a hammer willy-nilly? No, this is a precision operation, my friend. Do not rush it. This will be the only moment when the phrase "get crafty" applies. First, trace the shape of your frames onto kraft paper. Cut the various shapes out. Then tape them onto your wall-using low stick tape-in your proposed arrangement. Step way back and have a look. Do the corners line up? Does the design scream clever symmetry?
 You May Proceed: What's great about having the paper pictures up is you can nail through the paper with confidence. No Juggling the heavy Mapplethorpe nude in one hand, sharp objects in the other. Once you've got it nailed, simply tear the paper away, replace it with your masterpiece, and repeat. Don't restrict your hangings to paintings and photos. Add mirrors or textiles to the mix. What goes up can come down, so take a risk already!
 Here are a few Ideas of groupings for frames, mirrors, objects, etc. Enjoy, and get creative!

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