Thursday, July 12, 2012

Favorite Party Themes

Arabian Nights
This is a great theme if you like the look of a turban or gilded, heavy fabrics and lots of gold jewelery. (And who doesn't?) It's also fairly easy to decorate for an Arabian Nights party: Make the venue look like a harem tent, with lots of candles, scarves, rugs, and pillows all over the place!
Men in white jackets, ladies in cocktail dresses with shoulders--this film had enough class and sensuality to make it a classic and sexy enough, even decades after its release. Bonus if you make a playlist of classic '40s hits.
Masked Ball
Truman Capote's Black and White Ball, held at the Plaza Hotel in NYC in 1966, is without a doubt the most memorable masked ball of the second half of the twentieth century. Capote planned the party for years and used the invites as social weapons--many friends were made and lost as a result of this shindig's yearly VIP list. The point is, everyone wanted in: Dressing up and wearing masks made the party exciting!
If you're using it as an excuse to wear an Afro wig and smoke hash, a hippie theme can easily slip into cheesy territory. The trick is to take your looks seriously, searching out legitimate costumes from thrift stores or older family members. 
Although toga parties are famously popular on college campuses and the frat scenes. I'm not suggesting you wrap yourself in stained bedsheets. I am talking about a civilized toga party (yes they exist), where men wear Roman battle dress and the ladies slip into their favorite Lanvin or vintage Pierrot dresses. Set out a few bowls of olives and grapes maybe some feta and Greek dips, and you've got a party on your hands!
1920s or Great Gatsby
F. Scott Fitzgerald's1925 masterpiece has become as icon of American literature. But more important, it captured black-tie decadence and has continued to inspire amazing parties. Throw on a drop-waist sequined frock, style your hair in a bob (or buy a wig), and make the guy starch their white shirts and slap on their black bowties--and get ready to dance around until the sun comes up (or the rents come home).
The last day in October is one giant theme party. People expect some kind of costume will be necessary which shuts up the lazy spoilsport demographic. Your creative friends will come up with something ironic or comical, while your trampy friends can wear black silk lingerie throw on some little cat ears, and go as pussy cat. If you're really into themes, you can take your Halloween party a step further by giving your soiree a mini-theme, like Surrealist Ball.

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  1. I am turning 31 on 31st of May this year, its my crown birthday and a mark of me "falling off the calendar". I am struggling to find inspiration for a party theme to match the occasion. Any advice?


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