Monday, April 2, 2012

Amazing Finds, and White Liars.....

I told all of you about reading 50 shades of grey this past week, well I was needing my "grey" fix something bad this weekend! I called all the local bookstores and NO ONE HAD THE BOOKS! I was even told they would not be out until April 17th. Well I just couldn't wait that long, and thank God I didn't! I just happened to be on trying to decide if I wanted to order the book, when I noticed in the right upper corner it said buy and read it now on your PC for just $9.99! Well I jumped at that fast, I even noticed that it said I could have it sent to my IPhone for free! Even better!! So I guess you know what I did this weekend, that's right I read the second book of the trilogy. I just bought the 3rd and last book last night, and I am loving the trilogy! I really can not wait for the books to become movies, I just wander if they are going to be able to keep to the book. It is really racy, it would at least have to be a NC-17 rating to be honest with you. Ana has really been getting on my nerves in the book, she acts so childish about everything! I want to scream GROW UP at the book sometimes. It's crazy how she will nit pick, and over analyze everything that Christian does or says. I have seen so many ladies that treat their men the same way, and I sit back and wander "why do they put up with that?" I just don't understand it all. Not to go off on a tangent or anything but I had a man add me on Facebook yesterday. He said that he found me attractive, and that he would like to talk. I started talking to him, and after an hour or so he tells me that he is married, but he is unhappy. WTF!?!? Really? Why is it that all these men that are either married/or in a committed relationship with a woman that he is not happy with, still stays with them? Do you want to live your whole life and be miserable? Not me! Ugh I am just so tired of being lied to and hurt. I don't know who I can trust anymore when they tell me they are single, and you know what THAT IS JUST REALLY SAD!!! So with that being said I just want to go to bed and not think about anything for the rest of the night. I hate LIARS!!!!


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