Wednesday, January 18, 2012

There's something about a sharp dressed man! Swoon!

I know, you must be singing that song in your mind by now. (ZZ TOP) There is something, about a sharp dressed man though. Morgan and I have talked about this a lot lately. Around the area that we live/grew up in, guys don't really put an effort into the way they dress. To see a man walking towards me with a pair of nice jeans. and a sweater on, just about make my heart skip a beat! Does it you? I know clothes do no make the man, but it adds that je ne sais qua to him. Guys, don't let it end there though, good hygiene, a great hair cut, all of these things just adds to your appeal! They same should go for us ladies also! You have to put and effort into the way you look. I know this first hand. I have been going through a period, up until recently that I thought "who cares?" Well for starters, YOU SHOULD! Not only do you feel better about yourself, people respect you more. Now I know that may sound judgmental, but it is true. When you see a woman out in public who is dressed well, has her make-up and hair done. Doesn't she seem to have a little skip in her step compared to the woman that just crawled out of bed, and didn't even bother to change out of her pajamas? Of course she does! When you feel better about yourself, you start to feel better about a lot more things. I know it takes baby steps, but a least try (like me!) I felt really down and depressed when no one would ever pay me any attention, I would say things like "What does she have that I don't?" "She" had that oomph to her, she had to WANT to get up and make her day as good as possible, by starting off with loving herself and the way she looked! So ladies and gentlemen, this was just something to make us all think about! 


             (Examples of what NOT to look like)

                        (Examples of what TO look like!)

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