Monday, January 23, 2012

Mama, Mama Can't you see..

Here she is ladies and gentlemen, SR Talena Epling! We made the trip north to Waukegan IL. Thursday morning about 6 AM EST for Talena's graduation from boot camp that took place on the 20th. We ran into the snow storm that was hitting the northern parts of the states, (have I ever said how much I dislike snow/rain before?) It was supposed to be a 10 hour drive (yes we drove) but it turned into a 12-13 hour trip. We woke up at 4:30 on the 20th to get ready and be at the base by 7 AM. Let me tell you, it was FREEZING that morning! We waited and waited for the groups to arrive, we sat in the front to have a good view of her. It was a really good program that they Naval Base put on. When the gates opened and the groups came walking in, there she was! Mom cried, then I cried, and everyone around us was crying! It was so good to see her, she looked really good too! Shaun, her husband had the biggest smile on his face when he saw her, it was so sweet! 

After the ceremony, Talena decided to celebrate she wanted to eat at the Cheesecake Factory (YUM!) It wasn't snowing that bad, but it had started to pick up. So while we were inside foundering ourselves on some amazing food, old man winter decided to give us a present we weren't to thrilled about.

It started an stayed that way the rest of the time we were there! NASTY is what it was! Talena had to be back on base by 18:00 (oh yeah Talena doesn't say 6 o'clock anymore by the way lol) Then to top it off she was to be up and at Midway airport by 01:30!! So here we get up at 1 AM to meet her there to see her off to San Antonio, where she will be doing her training. We walked into a sea of Navy Blue (literally) at the airport!

 Poor Nener (Talena's nickname) had all of these bags she had to carry. Yes carry, not drag or hold CARRY! I couldn't even pick the big green one on her back up! Sheesh! We waited until the plane left before we started out 10 hour trip back home ourselves. I am so happy that I was able to go, where I am sick and have been for awhile now, I wasn't for sure if I was going to be able to. Everyone please keep Talena in your thoughts and prayers as she continues her training to be a medic!

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