Friday, January 13, 2012

**Burr, it's a cold one!**

Well here in mountains we got some snow, and it is CHILLY WILLY! Of Course I had to get out my trusty pea coat and wool Burberry scarf to bundle up this morning, while heading to work. I wish we had snow scheduled! I will not complain though, for it is the beginning of the weekend! So lets toast to it, and make it a good one. I for one plan on making homemade soup and just relaxing. On Sunday I will be watching my Memaw, which right I want to more than ever. This past week has been pretty hectic in my Memaw's life. She fell last week and broke her nose, and ended up in the E.R. They ran blood an other tests as usual, the blood test came back bad. Tuesday night my mother told me that the doctor had called and told her that my Memaw has bladder cancer. She just turned 91 about 2 weeks ago, and she has Alzheimer, so she doesn't really understand it all. I ask all of you just to say a little prayer, or just send her/us good thoughts this next few weeks and months ahead. She will be having surgery on the 26th, but they are not planning on doing any other treatments afterwards. I am in good spirits, but I have a great family and I have been listening to so really up beat songs lately. I am really loving this artist from England named Ellie Goulding, everyone needs to check her out. Here are a couple of my favorite songs. Enjoy!

I hope you all have a safe and great weekend! 

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