Monday, January 2, 2012

Make 2012 Your Best Year Yet!

Since today is the second day of the year I was thinking about a few things today. Well maybe it was because my day didn't start the way I would have liked. Then it snowed, and well that just made the WHOLE day sour for me. I am determined however to make '12 a great year for myself. I really want to accomplish a few things this year. Not just  a "new years resolution" type accomplishmentbut a whole year accomplishment! 

Of course I want to lose some weight and tone up, but the other things I want will accomplish this year are far more deeper than that. I want to be inspired spiritually, yes I want to really get to the root of my spirituality. I want to read more, ever since I moved back in with my parents I haven't really read that much, and I miss it. I want to "want" to get up and fix myself up in the morning. I want to save some money. I would also love to go on a true vacation this year. I want to get to know new people, really get to know them too. I am to nice, and I usually get hurt by people, so I want to choose wisely in people/things. I want to let the people around me how much the mean to me, you never know when you will not be able to see them again. Take time and smell the flowers, I always say I don't have time for something, but I am going to make time! I bought a planner, so I want be able to say "oh, I forgot." I will go out when I am asked out, instead of saying I have other plans. I will have a better outlook on life/love/everything! I will be happier inside and out and it will show! I am really looking forward to the next 363 days to come! How about you? What are some of your accomplishments your going to achieve this year?

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