Thursday, July 21, 2011

Please Mind the Gap

I have got London, England on the brain BAD lately. I started reading a new book called, Someday My Prince Will Come, and I am also reading Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.  Both books are centralized around London, and it is making me long for England once more! I loved everything about London, I went during Christmas Holiday 2001. The fashion, history, people, architecture, was beyond what I could have even imagined. We stayed near Paddington Station, and there was a pub that I went to almost every night, The Dickens Tavern was it's name. I remember playing pool in the back, but the balls were different than what I was accustom too. Here in America we have strips and solids. There they have all solids, and they call it "blackball" so add in a beer or two and that had me thrown! Lets just say I didn't win a game that night!

  Yes it was really cold, but that wasn't going to stop me, I was on a mission! I wanted to see Prince William so badly that I was willing to do just about anything. I remember walking towards Buckingham Palace in a bit of a hurry, but then I saw it. It was like Angels were singing "Hallelujah!" I had arrived!!

And the flag was flying, which meant the Queen was home! But unfortunately I never saw my Prince, and by that time there was some other girl named Kate that had caught his eye. I would have loved to have stayed longer than I did. I would have gone shopping in Sloane Square, even taken a picture crossing Abbey Road like the Beatles. I however did get a chance to go to the famous Harrods, and let me tell you that place is out of this world! I do believe you could live in that place and never have to leave for anything, well except to go to the have to pay to go in there!

One funny story about my London trip, to show you just how small the world really is! Me, my sisters, and a couple of friends we took were walking around London looking for the Hard Rock Cafe. We had walked what seemed forever, before we stopped someone and asked how to get there. The lady was really friendly and after she gave us directions she asked where we were from. We told her the U.S., and she asked which state. We told her Virginia and she asked "Do you know of a town called Abingdon?" DO WHAT?!?! "Yes" we answered, we live an hour away. She said that she was from there, and was now living here in London! Crazy huh? So have any of you ever gone out of the country and came across someone that you knew, or someone from your home town while there? I hope you all have a great evening!!

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