Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Monograms Oh How I love Thee!

Ya'll I'm so sorry for not having a new post for the past couple of days, it has been CRAZY around here! Shew!! I hope everyone had a great 4th of July, I know I did! My family had a really nice picnic, and Talena and I went to a local town to watch their fireworks (which were great this year!)

Now if most of you are like me, you LOVE monograms! I would have almost everything monogrammed if I could. Of all the styles of monogramming, I love the interlocking monograms. Everything that I have monogrammed is in this style. 

Now for some people who do not know about monograms, there are rules about the placement of the letters. For example, recently Neil Patrick Harris has been featured in several Xfinity ads from Comcast. In one, he comes down a hallway toward the camera. On a paneled wall behind him is a large 3-letter monogram, the type that has two smaller letters flanking a large one in the middle, and it is WRONG!! I was taught that with such an arrangement, the large center letter is the surname initial. Thus Harris’s monogram should be nHp, with the H notably larger. Yet in the ad it is nPh, with a large P in the middle. Like this:

But it should look like this:

I have been doing some research into monograms though and I had came upon some interesting tidbits.
Historically, a monogram was used as a royal signature. Romans and Greeks used them on coins to identify their rulers. Then, in the Middle Ages, artisans began to use them to sign their work. Victorian-period high-class persons adapted the monogram for personal use as a symbol of their place in society.
In the Victorian era, rules for monograms were quite simple and few.*Female monograms had the first initial on the left, middle initial on the right, and last initial embroidered larger in the middle. First of all, monograms with three initials are generally in the Victorian format of first initial, large last initial, middle initial. Married monograms usually consist of the bride’s first initial on the left, the groom’s first initial on the right, and the joint last name initial larger in the center. A married woman would use her first name initial on the left, maiden initial on the right, then new last initial larger in the center.*  Interesting eh?

But now my favorite monogram of all is.....drum roll please...............

Louis Vuitton!! This is my LV Speedy 40. I can't get enough of this monogram

See.....Told ya! My boetie wallet!

I hope that everyone's day was good, mine was hectic. First of the month at the pharmacy is CRAZY!!! I hope to hear from you all soon, I love meeting new people. Also thank you all so much for all the sweet comments that you have left, and those of you have followed me!!!

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